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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Onmobile plans an Apple-setting up a VAS platform for developers.

ODN(Onmobile developer network) is a platform to allow small VAS companies to take their product live to all Onmobile accessible customers. This of course entails investment by the operator but is a win-win for the developer who does not spend any upfront distribution costs. Such an approach may seem benevolent but as explained by the CEO during the ConCall,
we believe that if VAS is to realize its full potential of growing to 50,000 crores by 2015...it’s not going to happen with innovation coming out of OnMobile on its own. So this is going to have to involve a whole bunch of small companies innovating with a whole bunch of small products whether it is a local product that works very well only in a particular region of India or whether  it’s a vertical product in a specific area and banking or telemedicine where somebody
can bring innovation that the OnMobile R&D team, which is working on so many different things just can’t get to.
So our unique position in the market, given our cross operator presence, is to actually create a platform to allow these small companies to take a jumpstart and get that product live, that’s it is in the interest of the industry the reason why we’re doing it.

Takeaway:- This move if successful will will help the industry, to say nothing of the Apple like power Onmobile will have . Apple demands 25% revenues from developers selling apps on Ipad. Imagine what can happen if Onmobile can replicate this in India. And then the profits will flow.

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