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Friday, April 22, 2011

You know you are a financial markets veteran when

  1. You hear 'forward' and you think of a financial contract, and NOT about a football game position
  2. Entering into a 'swap' has no other connotations than a financial contract(C'mon-people should be smart enough to figure about what I am referring to)
  3. A person suggests 'morning' meeting and your immediate response is 'my time or yours'
  4. You have 2-4 big computer screens-and still you want more
  5. You hear 'put' and think of a financial contract, and not of the golf putt(though many people in financial markets DO play golf)
  6. Bloomberg/Reuters are not mere news agencies but essentials of your life
  7. It is already evening time outside but your main workplace(XYZ market) is just opening for business
I'll add to this list as it grows

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Parimal said...

and when "excel" is no more a verb but a noun :P