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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fake or not, Gselevator has lots of useful career advice, quotes/insights.

For nearly a year now, the anonymous tweeter acccount(https://twitter.com/#!/GSElevator), claiming to give quotable quotes mentioned in Goldman Sachs, has been source of endless amusement among those associated with finance. While some people feel that this is not written by a Goldman Sachs person due to basic ignorance about the firm revealed in some tweets(http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2012/02/why-gselevator-is-a-fake/), the tweets albeit caustic and revealing, can really give lots of insights. 
  1. Against arm chair critics:-People who are in position to, or smart enough to solve the European debt crisis don't have the time to debate it on Facebook.
  2. How upbringing affects our views:-Dude, don't blame chicks for their insecurities. Most fairy tales teach girls that only men can save them.
  3. Importance of Excel in finance:-If you can't use Excel without a mouse, keep your résumé updated. 390 Greenwich is just down the street.
  4. How retail investors are conned:-Retail investors should be circumspect of any offering they’re able to get their hands on. If you can get it, you don’t want it.”
  5. Why bankers should be rich:-If people never trust a skinny chef, they shouldn't want their bankers to be poor.
  6. About Euro:-The Euro is dead. They're just bickering over who pays for the funeral.
  7. Financial literacy/Money:-The lottery is just a way of taxing poor people who don't know math. If life's a game, money is how you keep score.
  8. How things never change:-Solar power has been the next big thing for forty years.
I did not update this post written way earlier, but the above is itself good food for thought

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