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Sunday, September 24, 2017

NUJS-Diploma-Course-in-Entrepreneurship-Administration-An unbiased review

As a student of the Sep 2016 batch of this online diploma course( a JV between NUJS Kolkata and a legal startup iPleaders), I thought to give a review of this course, now that I am at the end of the course.

-Plenty of videos tightly edited and focused on relevant topics from industry professionals
-Business focused and practical points-for instance the structuring checklist is probably well worth the entire course fee
-Phased course outline
-Novel concept and inclusive education.
-Recently introduced apps

Areas of improvement
-Access to the course is NOT lifetime but just 1 year. This can be extended if you are part of their 'Club'/'Whatsapp' group but this appears more fit for college students. They should extend it to lifetime access for students who do well, or on payment of course fee
-Plenty of college students who have a different focus and 'Sir/Maam' culture, this is one key reason why I left the official whatsapp group
-Quizzes are open book and therefore extremely easy-you can answer 15qn in 15qn by a quick Google if you have a reasonable understanding
-the monthly writing assignment
-Obsessive focus on IPR to the extent of watermarking pages, and very little downloadable attachment. This is ok if access lifetime but otherwise quite constructive. Also, charges for printed material is way more than cost.
-Monthly writing assignments focus on minimum word count rather than writing quality.

In brief, I'd say the course is worth it IF you are able to spare 2 hrs/week-thats all it would take on an average. If you wish to take benefit of all webinars etc then double that time.

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